Ladies and Gents…..The “Top 10″ classics

We often clean out our wardrobes, clear the cobwebs, overhaul the image and are left with nothing to wear!!!!  Fashion comes and goes. Trends are just that……….passing trends. Season after season there is a new colour, a new boot, a new shape and a new length, however there are always the ‘Classics’. These are your basic pieces in black, grey and white – i.e black pant, classic tee, jean and LBD (little black dress).


There is an art to wardrobe management and effortless chic. Accessories are the detail that can add extra oomph, but it’s really the quality essentials that are key to elevating you to style Queen or King. These are called ‘your staples’.  These pieces should be an investment in quality. This way whatever the fashion is, you can mix it up with your wardrobe classics and you will remain timeless.

The classics are a lifelong commitment – are you ready? Do you take these top 10 to have and to hold till death do you part? Ladies – “I do”

  1. A classic over-sized black bag
  2. A well-cut quality pair of blue and black jeans
  3. Classic white tee
  4. A little black dress that can be day or night
  5. A well cut blazer
  6. A trench coat
  7. Ballet flat
  8. Pencil skirt
  9. One special piece of knitwear
  10. A classic black high heel shoe that is comfortable



It’s your turn fellas……..


Do you take these top 10 to have and to hold till death do you part? Fellas – “I do”

  1. A quality pair of denim jeans that are sexy slouchy and casual
  2. A quality pair of straight leg black jeans
  3. A statement watch
  4. Crisp white and grey Tee’s
  5. Slip-on casual boat shoe
  6. Military style lace up boot
  7. Signature fragrance
  8. Crisp white button up shirt
  9. Tuxedo suit
  10. A cool leather jacket






By the imaginary powers invested in us, we now pronounce you style soul mates for life!

S & T


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